DCS: F-5E Black Sea Resolve '79 Campaign SorelRo / Eagle Dynamics SA 2021

Black Sea Resolve is a fictional story-based campaign that will test your air-to-air and air-to-ground skills in a variety of missions while you confront the Soviet Union forces in the emerging conflict. It is the 1st of March 1979. Your F-5E squadron is being deployed to Krasnodar to support the UN resolution for the Independence of the former Soviet Union provinces. In a rather moderate response, US president Jimmy Carter and the other NATO countries are deploying a force consisting of elements from 9th Infantry Division, 6th Cavalry Air Brigade and a MAU from 1st Marine Division. USAF is preparing 3 squadrons of F5-E and 2 squadrons of F4-E to provide air support. Campaign Features: 25 story-driven missions; Over 300 voiceovers; Late 1970's units set; Full-scale conflict that will progress throughout the campaign; A large variety of missions. CAP, CAS, RES-CAP, Iron Hand; Detailed briefings, kneeboard files, and supporting documentation for each mission.
Download: None currently available

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