ShapeNeon Chaos Beni Games 2021

This is an old school style space-shooter. You are a ship facing off waves of deadly enemies. This game was made to give you a shot of adrenaline in a couple of minutes. Lots of bullets and neon in an arcade psychedelic shooter. Features: Based on old-school arcades; Face multiple enemies in a space battle with increasing difficulty; Fight for the highest score; Manage your remaining lives to go further; Use your bombs wisely; Survive the mind-blowing Chaos; Shots and effects with Neon and insane Lights; Achievements; Steam Leaderboards; Gamepad and Big Picture support; 4 game modes: "Standard" (Start with 3 lifes and 3 bombs. Try to beat the High Score), "Chaos" (Lots of enemies in a crazy fight for survive), "Time Attack" (Start with just 1 life and 1 bomb. Try to survive as long as you can ) and "Slow Motion" (It's like standard mode, but you don't have bombs, you have Slow Motion).
Download: None currently available

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