2nd. Encounter Shinobi 2006

This is a fan-made remake of Encounter!, originally written by Paul Woakes and published in 1984 for Commodore 64 by Novagen Software. It's a fast paced arcade game set in a sci-fi environment which features fast moving three dimensional graphics. You command a probe vehicle with which you have to shoot down enemy saucers and homing missiles. When you have shot down the required number of enemies on one level (usually around 10-20) you get the chance to go through a "stargate". In the stargate you have to navigate through a hail of spheres coming at you at high speed. If you succeed you get to a new planet in different color scheme, if you fail you'll have to replay the previous planet. There's eight levels in total.
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Free Game ( provided by starlord & upped by Scaryfun) 12MB

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