Bionic Police A.G.D. / Ediciones Manali 1991

The main character of this game looks like a genetic infantry soldier from Rogue Trooper. The game itself, although rather monotonous, is complex and unusual. So, we play as a certain incomprehensible humanoid warrior with a large cannon and powerful hands (about them it was said for a reason). Despite the formidable appearance, he will instantly die from any contact with enemies and any hostile objects, be it enemy ammunition or something else (this is also said for a reason); more precisely, it will most likely perish - it will disappear for a second, and then it will be reborn. There are really many "lives" in the game. We see our hero only to the waist - but something like that in Spanish games, and just a similar (sub) genre, is found. The hero knows how to walk forward and a little back, shoot, as well as raise his head and arms with weapons up and shoot in this position, as well as lower them (this is important - if you do not give him the command to lower them, then he will shoot up, even if the new enemy is on the same mark with him). The game has several levels. In the first, against the background of a distant night city, we have to slowly go forward and kill two types of monsters that suddenly appear in front of and behind us. We shoot the first with a cannon, and the second we kill with an elbow blow (you can't remember anything like that in games right away). On the second level, the scene of action, most likely, is a street (in fact, there is almost no background there at all), where our opponents are evil men with guns shooting from windows (and here, unlike the first level, raise your head and hands , in order to shoot, it is already necessary; at the first level, this only hurts and quickly leads to death), as well as - again attention - flower pots (with flowers) falling from the sky, which, like bullets, kill instantly. Further levels, in general, represent the more complicated first - new types of monsters are introduced, for example. Graphics - again only CGA, and, unfortunately, quite faded, although clear. There are no bonuses and even, probably, there is no plot here - just a passage from start to finish with the killing of the same creatures and training your reaction. The game is Spanish, so the controls are appropriate. In general (if you do not take into account the inconceivable rarity; you will not find this on the Internet) - not a hit, but if you like such old adventure games, it is not only possible, but also highly desirable to play.
Full Demo 54kb (uploaded by

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