Special Corps Mago Soft 1995

A strange arcade game of either Spanish or Argentine origin, belonging to the "virtual shooting gallery" subgenre and apparently trying to copy the entourage of the Crime Patrol dilogy. The plot is very conditional: in the role of an operative of a certain special forces unit, we have to complete several missions dedicated to the elimination of all kinds of criminal elements and, with rare exceptions, are very similar to each other. Perspective view - from the first person; control of the sight is carried out from the keyboard (the keys for moving it in space and firing are proposed to be configured before the start on your own), although a joystick is also supported (but not a mouse). Before each of the tasks, of which there are only four in total, it is required to undergo a "training": several targets appear in front of us, standing "in profile", after which one of them unfolds "full face". All you need to do is quickly (otherwise it will take its original position) to bring the sight to it and shoot until the numerical value next to the word "Municion" in the lower left corner of the screen becomes zero. It is impossible to miss in this case, because the target does not move to the sides; there is no time limit either. However, if it is not possible to bring the sight right away, then the target, as already mentioned, will again turn sideways to us, after which some other will show its "front" side. But since there is no time limit, you can simply "get close" to any of them and wait for its reversal. It is imperative to shoot "intensively": if you make a short pause, the target will turn again, whereas if you do not, then it will not turn. The first, second and fourth missions are essentially the same and differ only in the background surroundings, realized in the form of a digitized photograph: this is, respectively, the runway with a huge helicopter standing on it, the pier and the vicinity of the swimming pool in the courtyard of the villa. Periodically, enemies appear on the screen, both appearing "out of nowhere" in the same places and after that do not move until their death, and running out from the lateral boundaries of space or literally "crawling out" from the bottom. Some of the adversaries are again digitized photographs (but such "comrades" are rare), others (which are just the majority) are luridly drawn small models. There are several types of opponents in total, all of them are armed with machine guns: if you look closely, you can see a subtle visual effect of "shooting" in each of them. Some of the enemies die from one well-aimed shot, disappearing at the same time, but some - always presented in the form of photographs - lose their lives only after a couple of hits and, when received, "writhe in pain" (which is shown bloodlessly and by changing them for a few seconds images to others). In order to win each of the aforementioned missions, you need to score a thousand points - while this fact itself is calculated only empirically, it is not mentioned separately about it anywhere. There is no "interface" of any kind on the screen: no records of our hits or earned points are kept, the stock of health and ammunition is not shown (the latter, apparently, are infinite). Moreover: it seems that it is either difficult to die here, or it is completely impossible (!): The number of opponents is large (especially since the places of the killed are instantly occupied by new ones), they fire rather dense, but the protagonist does not die for some reason for at least a very long time. Contrary to what was said in the "opening speech" (concerning the fact that we supposedly "should not leave anyone alive"). The only thing that impresses even a little, - this is the third mission, which differs from all the others, albeit largely formally. The action here takes place in a small room, and there is only one enemy - a bandit, using a girl as a "human shield", to whom he put a gun to his temple; the corresponding model is presented again in the form of a digitized photograph, and the girl for some reason coquettishly squints her eyes towards the villain holding her. The difficulty in this task consists of three components: the opponent moves chaotically in space; Of course, you can only shoot at a bandit (whose head, one shoulder and part of the chest are "open") - if we hit a girl, then we will be immediately credited with defeat; the villain is surprisingly hardy, so he will die only after about thirteen (!) hits, and regardless of whether which parts of his body will our bullets hit. Each successful shot is accompanied by a change from the original photo model to another: the bandit "leans back" with a bloody chest (it is noteworthy that there is no blood anywhere else in this game - but even here it looks frankly caricatured), and the girl laughs at him. Surprisingly, the villain does not use weapons either against us or against his captive, so all that is required of the player is to carefully aim, "chasing" the enemy with a sight. It remains to add that some figures are so small and inconspicuous that it is very difficult to notice them in the background, and perspective distortion is often observed in their display (identical models can be formally different from us distance, but in fact their dimensions will always be the same).
Full Demo 429kb (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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