Space Invaders: The Original Game Taito / Game Bank 1996

It's Space Invaders DX, first released in Japanese arcades, for Windows 95. It consists of four different versions of the original Space Invaders plus two additional game modes, versus mode and parody mode. The versions of the original game all have the same gameplay but have different screen types. They are upright cabinet screen, black and white, black and white with cellophane overlay and colour. The versus mode is played by two players simultaneously on a split screen. It's round based and to win the round the player has to prevent the aliens from landing or clear all aliens. When winning a round the player is awarded with a medal and the first player with three medals wins the game. The versus mode has less aliens and only one barricade and some of the aliens are coloured. Shooting coloured aliens trigger certain actions which can be both positive and negative. This include clearing a whole line of invaders or having the aliens jump closer to the player or his opponent. The parody mode plays just like the original Space Invaders but here each level has a theme based on other Taito games such as Bubble Bobble, The New Zealand Story, Arkanoid and Darius.
Japanese ISO Demo 33MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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