Grunt Cliff MellangÄrd , Darin Snow 2003

A hardcore amateur alien shooter that can be challenging even for seasoned fans of the genre. There is a plot that is not of any interest: aliens have stolen some data, and so we must return it. The story is available for reading in the main menu. No matter what these aliens do, twenty of them need to be killed - that's the goal of the only mission. The level is a network of spacious rooms and corridors that connect them. Everything is done in a futuristic style, but rather clumsy - just textures. There are a couple of interesting places on the map, but real beauties, which, for example, also an amateur .kkrieger gave us, there is no. The ceilings of the premises are filled with the textures of the starry sky, so, apparently, we are on some alien base, which for some reason does not have a roof. There are only twenty aliens on the level, which stand in different rooms (less often in the corridors), so to complete the game you will have to explore the entire map. They cannot leave their premises. Despite the presence of large rooms that could be a good place for a carnage in an arena shooter, there will be no massive meat grinders; you will almost always have to deal with only one enemy at a time, but even such a meeting will be dynamic - otherwise you will not survive. Enemies shoot some yellow substance from a yellow spot on the stomach, and each hit on us takes 10% of our health (visually - one die). In order not to get under attack, you have to shoot the aliens, constantly moving, but even this does not always save you from damage. After their death, a bonus in the form of cartridges to the only weapon in the game drops out, or - much more valuable - first aid kits. True, the latter restores only one cube, which is catastrophically small in local conditions. Grunt has no graphic merits , but it looks quite passable. The musical accompaniment perfectly matches the atmosphere, and the sound also helps the player. If an enemy is nearby, a special sound will be heard (apparently, made by the alien himself), so if he is behind his back, there is a chance to react in time and save precious health cubes.
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