Arunodoyer Agnishikha [Be] Trimatrik Interactive / SHOM Computers Ltd. 2004

Based on the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War, it is the first first-person shooter video game based on events of the war and developed in Bangladesh. The plot is based on the events of the Bangladesh Liberation War. These events mainly include the battles that took place in Chittagong, Rajshahi and Akhaura. The player can also choose teams from the ‘Mitra-Bahini' and the ‘Mukti-bahini' with ‘Pak-bahini' being the enemy. The game-play features three options, Battlefield, The Team and Time Limit. Battlefield is the chief game-play where the player has to choose one from four different battlefields of the war. One of the other most distinguishing features is the Liberation War Archive that the game provides with interviews and original accounts of freedom fighters.
Bengali Level Demo (provided by Fabricator & upped by MrPepka) 4.8MB

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