Lega Warz 2001
If you ever played with Lego's as a child, or still play with it now, you HAVE to get this addon. The addons really do look like LEGO, and they even "feel" like LEGO. As detail counts, this addon has it all, the weapons even fire LEGO projectiles! The sides are colour based, with Blue for the West, Yellow for the East, and Red and Green for the Resistance side. Each of the three sides soldiers have a different style top, the west being "Space", the east being "Navy SEALs" and the Resistance "Woodsmen". The basic soldiers come with a variety of weapons, including an SMG, pistol and a Sniper Rifle. As well as a selection of cars, boats, bikes and aircraft. Most of which are armed to the teeth with plastic-melting, part-shattering weapons. All the units in this pack are excellent, both looking like LEGO, and packed with extra LEGO-like features.
Download Beta v1.1 17MB (uploaded by ModDB)

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