Fortress 2, The 2001

Make your way through four levels in singleplayer. In level one, kill radio operator, destroy the cannons, find and steal all treasures, find the project book, destroy the brigde, and find the way to submarine and escape. In level two, destroy the bridge, find, steal and destroy some treasures, kill the mechanics, and eliminate super soldier. In level 3, on the way to safety, the submarine needed to stop to resupply, but the harbour was controlled by Germans and being attacked by partisans comrades. Help the partisans to recover control and then destroy everything, this will reduce the German's resistance. Your objectives are: destroy all communications; destroy the Rocket Base; eliminate all resistance and find the exit and escape. In final level, you found the exit, but the last gate is closed. Navigate by maze and locate the switch to open it. Be careful, because in the maze has traps and creatures waiting the next victim. Your objectives are: kill the sorceress and stop the ceremony for Dark Master; find the secret weapon's book; find your contact called Kessler, he will help you get home. Real Fortress 2 was a version later released adapted for RealRTCW Mod.
Download v1.1 56MB (uploaded by GameBanana)
Real Fortress 2 - Download + Mirror 67MB (uploaded by ModDB / Game Banana)
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