Dragon Remix: EndGame Edition 2002
This is a 'total conversion' of the Single Player experience. There are no new maps, although it's a fun mod to use in conjuction with fan-made SP maps. Vanguard and Anatares (aka Kyle and Jan) have sabers and force powers at begining. Most of the skins, weapon models and effects have been changed in some way. You'll see a bunch of cameos from Writer's Block Media and the original Blade Mod crew. Red and Blue sword styles are now Desann's and Tavion's respectively. Sparks and smoke replaced by blood. Stumps are dark red rather than yellow. Better acrobatics: Cartwheel and Butterfly Kick relaces the rolls. Cooler pistol-firing animation (in my opinon), and jump: 'Force Jump' style and 'Force Getup'. Dismemberment is now fully enabled. This also has the effect of making the swords very lethal. Every one of the weapons leaves the cool glowing mark that the disruptor usually leaves. Force Lightning is replaced with a Fire effect.
Download 56MB (uploaded by GameFront)

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