JA+ Mod 2003
You can have multiple duels at once, even full force duels, and all of those duels can be isolated so there's no duel interference. There's clan tag protection, option of having multiple taunts, lots of new emotes, a profanity filter, model size scaling system, new items including a grapple hook and a ton of other features. The newest features for the mod include a Mac patch so that Mac users can start a JA+ server & tracker. New player animations include you can now catch and hang onto ledges, to avoid falling. An extremely good thing for the movie makers out there. The new moves are cool, melee and saber moves. Holstering your saber, when you switch to melee your saber goes to your belt, and if it's a sword it'll go in a holster on your back. There are a wide range of high quality saber models. There is an option that you can enable, that makes the moves and physics more like JK2. if you dont have a female skin, you will see someone who is wearing that skin as Jan, not Kyle. There are 'dimensions', you type /amaltdim and you go to an alternate dimension (a no rules one) where there's no grapple hook, and you cant use admin commands on someone (except /amkick) there's no god-chat either there. Ampunish and Amslay commands which can be abused to hell have been removed too.
Screenshots/Download v2.4 Build7 30MB (uploaded by JKHub)

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