Star Wars Movie Duels 2 2003
One of the unique things about this mod is that you can play on the good or evil side in most of the scenarios. Taking the side that is supposed to lose usually has some creative storyline fact, it's quite fun for those people who just love being extraordinarily evil for no reason. Like the first version, the only movie-based duels available are the prequels. I guess it would be rather difficult to create duels based on the original trilogy, what with them being less epic and all. With 19 missions inspired by the films and a ton of bonus missions, Movie Duels is one of the biggest Star Wars mods. Relive the epic battles from the movies with new Animations, Cinematics, Maps and Effects. Master the missions in all three dificult levels. A completely new Gameplay called "Challenge". Here you fight against the most famous characters from the Star Wars films in 15 stages. To proceed you must win. There's also new textures, shaders, scripts, and menus.
Download + Characters Addon 875MB+32MB (uploaded by ModDB)

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