Survival Mod 2: Revenge Of The Droids 2003
The enemies just keep coming! You can play as four seperate characters and each one of them has a different map that you play through. As with IZaNaGI's Survival Mod, this sequel has been made to be at an EXTREME skill level and unless you are a true Jedi Master it's unlikely you will complete it all without Cheat modes. This time set in the prequel era during the height of the clone wars. The story follows four characters which span out over an evening on a distant planet that is home to nothing but a large droid factory. The factory is producing a new kind of battledroid which is capable of lightsaber combat and is even imbued with the force. Its IZaNaGI's and Immy's job with the aid of a elite team of Republic Clone troopers to destroy the factory main control console to disable the droid facility until the republic can have it dismantled. But there is a greater threat then droids at this facility, Asajj Ventress, dark jedi and aid to the seperatists watches over the production to ensure this army of saber droids reaches General Grievous intact. There are 12 new skins included in this mod that cover over 40 NPCS all of which use some of the best JK models available, from Prophets Battledroid to Antizacs Leela the skins have been massively altered to look correct to the time line and to what they are supposed to represent. Theres a load of new weapons in here too created by various modders inside the community, mettalic bo staffs, cyber ninja swords and clone rifles feature heavily in the mod as well as my own personal hilt. Theres a huge array of sounds added into the mod with the fantastic EP 2 sound set created by STARWARS, character sounds ranging from Battledroids to Yoda and voice acting from creator.
Screenshots/Download 31MB (uploaded by JK Files Mirror)

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