DungeonDoom 2004
This mod incorporates most key features of roguelike games. Levels are largely composed of mazes, which are generated with a pseudo-random number generator. Levels have stairs leading either to higher or lower levels of the dungeon. The lower the player descends into the dungeon, the stronger the enemies get. To gain experience and gold more quickly, look for challenges offered by npcs in the overworld. Satisfy their requests by meeting the objective in the indicated dungenlevel. Retrieve your reward by returning to the questgiver. Depending on the gameplay variant (Short, Medium or Long) teleporters will be available at certain levels (for example at every forth level in the short gameplay variant). The teleporter will transport you back to the overworld, where items can be stocked up for further progression through the dungeon. Be sure to prepare yourself well when you descend into the dungeon. Take enough ammo and potions to survive to get to the next teleporter. You start your quest in the wilderness in front of the gates of the city of Asiris. A dark path leads to a mystical pyramid, south of the gates of Asiris. Below this pyramid, you will find a deep, extensive dungeon, which houses numerous tough enemies. It features extensive role-playing game features including: character development, story-line progression, optional quests, good vs evil alignment, and more. Three alternative game modes for optional instant action or extended adventure gameplay experiences. Traditional first-person and optional overhead third-person camera modes. Four adjustable light levels with optional ambient lighting.
Download v8.2 72MB (uploaded by ModDB)

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