Tuesday & Ark: Continuum 2004
The aim of this project is to demonstrate a possible solution to creating emotion and immersion in video games through the use of visual and audio means, without the traditional use of dialogue. It's a 3rd person anime story which centres around the relationship between a boy and a girl, with the boy taking the role as a game avatar, guiding the player through the world. As the game progresses the avatar's involvement in the story increases, adding to the emotional immersion of the player. As the characters' relationship strengthens, new possibilities become available, almost like leveling up, and the characters gain new abilities. The exploration of the space reveals the story of the world, and so becomes an inherent part of the narrative, potentially engaging the user further and increasing their emotional involvement. It was made by Thomas Mountfort in 2005 but in late 2008, Robert-33 began work on a new version of the mod to fix critical bugs and glitches.
Download Beta 3 Fixed 82MB (uploaded by ModDB)

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