King's Quest VGA Fan Remake Tierra Entertainment / AGD Interactive 2001

A fan-made VGA remake of the original King's Quest using Chris Jones' Adventure Game Studio engine. Besides the nicer graphics it also features a point & click interface, voices (optional) and MP3 music (optional). When Sierra remade their early AGI adventures using their new SCI engine, their first game, King's Quest, was also the first to be remade. Unfortunately this meant using SCI0 which still had 16-color graphics and a typing interface and not 256-colors and point & click interface like the SCI1 remakes of Leisure Suit Larry 1, Space Quest 1, Quest For Glory 1 and Police Quest 1 had. So a group of King's Quest fans decided to do what Sierra didn't and supply King's Quest 1 with a worthy remake. It was the first fan-made adventure game remake ever released, and the first fan-made game to ever include a voice pack.
Full Freeware Game v4.1 ~102MB (@ Official Site)
Free Game v4.1 102MB (uploaded by hgdagon)

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