Reality Mod 2004
Reality was borne out of the desire of many people to have a more challenging and demanding FPS, without any of the arcade type bells and whistles. It promotes teamwork whilst demanding co-ordination, determination and patience. In short, it levels the playing field between the younger and older players, (i.e. what a mature player may lack in speed, can more than be made up for in cunning, patience and worldly experience, more commonly known as common sense). Nova gave Brutal Arts permision to use the Escalation assests, now players with JO can enjoy escalations weapons/vehics without purchasing JOE. The mod includes 7 new terrains including desert, and over 30 new player skins w/new countries (Marpat cammo, chocolate chip, etc). There's near perfect hit detection, 1.5m effective range on the knife (nova's was like 3+), real life rates of fire and accurracy for all weapons, real life vehicle speeds, real life rate of fire for chainguns, new sounds and textures for weapons and vehics, no aiming cursor just iron sights and optics, no spinmap, just a compass, iron sites for pistols and shotties, limited ammo on all weapons, and new maps.
Download v0.25 ~297MB + Patch v0.26 (uploaded by Lone Bullet)
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