Soul Keeper, The 2004
The SoulKeeper is a 3rd/1st person melee combat action multiplayer game. Experience the heat of medieval-like combat, in gorgeous and detailed environments making use of the powerful Unreal Engine. Feel the thrill of hunting down your opponents on the back of a mount of your choice (including dragons and horses). The SoulKeeper comes loaded with approximately 6 different races, each one with 5 different classes (including wizards and fighters) each one with different weapons and special attributes. Every race has its own environments, weapons, culture, all related one to the other in the ever-expanding SoulKeeper universe. Additionaly it offers improved graphics by implementing its own bloom effect, Dynamic Reflection System (DRS) as well as Distance Variable Bloom (DVB). The Special Edition includes the following updates, bug fixes and enhancements: entirely redesigned Melee Combat System with an advanced Combo system, introduction of chained melee weapons, First Person Melee Combat for Ranged and Spellcaster classes, redesigned Besieged gametype (more strategic and team-work oriented), improved mount controls, first person mode for mounts, addition of "helm view" making first person for ranged classes more immersive, improved and new visual effects for power ups and spells, introduction of new characters, redesigned Ranged Combat System with motion-sensitive aiming, catapults, new maps with breath-taking environments, improved overall performance, 13 minute introductory cinematic.
Download Special Edition 962MB (uploaded by ModDB)

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