Quest For Glory 2 VGA Remake AGD Interactive 2008

AGD Interactive (King's Quest 1 and 2 VGA) is back after a near six-year hiatus from freeware projects with their third Sierra adventure game remake. It's a labor of love in development off and on for nearly seven years. Finally you'll get to meet Rakeesh, Uhura and Ad Avis in their 256-color glory. Following the events chronicled in the prequel, our Hero of Spielburg is whisked away on a magic carpet to the land of Shapeir to undertake the dangerous mission of saving not one but two desert cities. The 1990 release was rather unforgiving at times, as the entire adventure happens in one month but many puzzles can only be solved on certain days. The AGDI team has done much to alleviate the problems that hampered players from completing their quest with the inclusion several new features. All conversation topics are now shown on screen instead of requiring guesswork using a limited text parser interface found in the original. Combat now feels less sluggish thanks to the processing power of modern day computer systems and extra frames of animation. Graphics, backgrounds and sprites have more colour than their classic counterparts, although deserts and alleyways still look as dull as ever.
Full Freeware v2.0 71MB (@ Official Site)

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