Wing Commander: Secret Ops ORIGIN Systems, Inc. 1998

Secret Ops continues the story of Wing Commander: Prophecy. Casey and some of his wingmates are transferred to the Confederation's newest cruiser, the TCS Cerberus. They are assigned patrol duties close to the Sol system. However, the bugs are back and this time, they are close to Earth. It's up to Casey to stop their plans once more. Secret Ops uses essentially the same engine as Prophecy. You can fly upgraded versions of the Prophecy fighters equipped with some new weapons. The story is no longer told with videos but with cutscenes using the game engine. Starting August 27th, 1998, when the basic game files and the first missions were released, a new episode containing 6-8 missions was made available weekly over a period of seven weeks. Fiction leading in to a new episode was released on the Secret Ops website a few days prior to the actual episode. The release ended October 31st, 1998. Secret Ops probably was the first major experiment in distributing a game over the internet. Split into one major download, an add-on speech-pack and seven mission parts, you could choose what you wanted to have. Every week you could download the latest missions, which you had to activate with a code you got when you finished the last mission of the predecessor and best of all the game (in that form) was for free.
Original Free Versions - Starter Pack & Episodes 2-7 ~116Mb ( @ Wing Commander Combat Information Center)
Wing Commander Prophecy - Gold Edition 4CD ISO Demo 2.08GB (upped by Scaryfun) *includes Wing Commander: Secret Ops
Total Conversion
Mission Pack

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