Silent Fear 2008
This contains scripted events and randomized map elements that shift location every time you play it, adding increased replay value and many different scenarios for you to experience. You and the other Survivors have just climbed out of the wreck of NewsChopper 5, taking a cue from Crash Course. Stranded in a lonely, foggy town, you discover that there's no way out, and that something sinister lurks beyond the back alley. It feels like a genuine survival horror game and adding paranormal elements. The Witch, normally just a crying nuisance, now takes on a whole new role as a psychic entity. Like F.E.A.R.'s Alma Wade, she levitates objects and makes sudden appearances out of the blue. Not only is this unique, it's executed flawlessly. You must search the town and find symbols called "Glyphs" in order to break the magic cypher and unlock the gate in the back alley. While this sounds simple, the randomizing map changes shift the locations of the symbols each time, opening and closing different parts of the town with each playthrough.
Download (uploaded by L4D Maps)

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