Russian Roulette 2: The Next Worlds Logos / Buka Entertainment 1999

The player assumes the role of the last descendant of an ancient imperial dynasty. He is the only person in the world who can unseal 5 portals, open the Galactic Way and find some mysterious mighty artifact capable of changing the life of mankind. Russian Roulette allows the player to walk by feet, fly and ride more than two dozens of different vehicles from battle dragon and steam helicopter to space cruiser and giant walking robot, tanks, jeeps, space ships, or even live dragons or giant grasshoppers each with its own way of movement and shooting. To give player as much freedom as possible is the first goal. In the game you have to, again, unite six planets through the activation of galactic portals. Each of the planets features a completely different theme, ranging from prehistoric, to medieval and futuristic.
Level Demo 23MB (uploaded by
Russian Full Demo 96MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Russian ISO Demo + patch 231MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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