1916: The War You Never Knew University of DADIU 2011

You can be sure that being a soldier in the trenches can bring many surprises. Here to run is the only chance but it's not easy at all, you aren't alone among the dead bodies. From the first person view you appear to be in trenches during the First World War and you have to find the way out. Soon you find out that you aren't alone and this area was visited by a big dino. Always keep a hand close, I mean some soldier's hand. The whole time you will be scared in this survival horror game thanks to the darkness, war sounds and soldiers crying. Prepare for a great experience and a lot of blind walking thanks to the maze of corridors. You can shoot flares, a rifle, and use a gas mask, and grab objects. See if you can find the ladder out of the trench.
Free Game 59MB (uploaded by Free Game Archive)
Browser-Playable & Downloadable Free Game 59MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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