Protector: Space Combat Platform / Star Warrior 2: Defenders / Defender of the Galaxies CCCP Games / Noviy Disk, Alawar Entertainment, Inc. 2007

Protector is a turret shooter (meaning you cannot move and can only shoot) that sends you into deep space to single-handedly stop an alien race from destroying humanity. To do this, you will need to blast away at hundreds, or thousands (it's kinda hard to tell), of bombers, meteors, and other forms of enemy craft that can damage you or the planet under your care. To help you in your mission, you can collect several different power-ups dropped from obliterated ships. Slow down time, upgrade your weapons, and earn shields to protect yourself from lasers and missiles. You'll likely need all the help you can get as you advance through 5 different planets and 40 waves. And remember, as you do battle among the stars, you must also protect the people living below you on the planet the aliens wish to destroy, meaning you will often have to sacrifice your own protection for theirs.
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Russian ISO Demo 375MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Star Warrior 2: Defenders - Free Game 48MB (uploaded by Major Geeks)
Defender of the Galaxies - ISO Demo 84MB (uploaded by Terje_P)

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