Hard Reset Flying Wild Hog 2011

This cyberpunk shooter from a new Polish developer formed of veterans of People Can Fly (Painkiller, Bulletstorm), CD Projekt RED (Witcher) and City Interactive (Sniper: Ghost Warrior). In Hard Reset, the robots have taken over and humanity finds itself reduced to one last enclave, the city of Bezoar. It's here that Major Fletcher - that's you - makes his stand against the invading mechanical enemy. But as he's drawn deeper into the conflict, he discovers that nothing is what it seems. While you start the game with only two weapons - one that fires regular bullets and one that fires plasma blasts - you routinely collect bits of glowing orange currency called N.A.N.O. that you can use to upgrade either of these two guns - or yourself - to high heaven. You soon unlock the ability to upgrade either gun to the point where it can use five different firing modes, each with three upgrade slots. The same goes for upgrading your own combat gear, granting you a total of 45 different upgrade slots to mix and match for your preferred play style.

See also: #Extended Edition, #Hard Reset Redux

Level Demo 1.01GB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
included in Hard Reset Extended Edition - Full Demo 4.62GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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