Tube Bullfrog Productions, Ltd. 1995

Tube is a little known game from Bullfrog which was originally intended to be a test for a new Bullfrog employee. A unique concept in itself, Tube utilizes an old demo trick to simulate an endless forward-moving tunnel, along with some neat vector effects to simulate a long race track of sorts. In a nutshell you have to pick up speed in order to beat the track before your time runs out; you also have to destroy various obstacles in your way and collect weapon upgrades. Two players can play in split-screen mode. This game was never made into a title by Bullfrog and was released as a freeware game on cover CDs of various magazines. Each mag got its own unique variation: the logo of the respective publication appears as a wall texture in the game. Publications featuring the game included: PC Games (UK) issue 7, Feb 1995 and PC Player (Germany), April 1995.
Free Game 1MB (uploaded by MyAbandonware)
PC Player and PC Games Free Versions 1MB (uploaded by RGB Classic Games)

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