Strike Commander ORIGIN Systems, Inc. 1993

Spawned from the success of Wing Commander, this takes the same style of gameplay and brings it back in time to a much closer future. Its 3D graphics-engine used both gouraud shading and texture-mapping on both aircraft-models and terrain, an impressive feat at the time. Significant plot elements were presented through in-game cut-scene animations, a hallmark storytelling vehicle from Chris Robert's previous Wing Commander games. You lead a rag-tag mercenary fighter squadron, trying to make a living in a dangerous, chaotic world. Pretty and simplified dogfights in your blackmarket-purchased F-16s is supplemented by interactive cutscenes where you converse with your teammates, or go into town to buy new contracts. Fly against a very diverse set of aircraft as you find yourself fighting for and against many of the world's major nations. The concern of managing your team's armament expeditures and keeping the group in the black adds a side to the game that few simulators have. Featuring an improved engine over Wing Commander 2, this was the first in a series of three games that attempted to take the 'Commander' series in a non-sci-fi direction. Ultimately, they failed to capture the same crowd as the WC series did. A CD-ROM release later in the year included the game plus Tactical Operations addon (21 new missions, some new planes and General MIDI support), an additional opening cinematic and menu to choose between these two products, and digitized speech for every character (a feature which expands on what was available in the Speech Pack). It also fixed things such as game speed issues in the original release.

See also: #Strike Commander: Tactical Operations

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Floppy Images ISO Demo + Speech Pack - Floppy Image ISO Demo 10.66+3.96MB (uploaded by
ISO Demo 83MB (uploaded by Egon68)
included in 10 For $10 Pak (1997) ISO Demo 388MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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