Sounds & Total Texture Enhancement Packages 1994
The Sound Enhancement Package v1.0 contains the following features: - New Sounds! Including more sounds per class and the 'Lost BoB' sounds (only the nice ones though). Many new sounds are just modified original Marathon sounds, like pitch changes or other effects. - Improved sounds: Sound settings have been improved and many sounds have been converted into a higher quality. - Stereo effects added: Some of the ambience and random sounds have been modded and converted into stereo sound files. These are: the Creak, Siren, Loon and the Surface explosion sounds. The Total Texture Enhancement Package v3.0 has all the textures from Marathon: Infinity, Marathon 2: Durandal, and M1A1, now all in 24-bit 512 x 512 high-res versions! (absolutely every single one of 'em). Very easy to install because it simply replaces the old texture enhancement pack by just dragging the files. Now, if you got the latest version of Aleph One and a nice video card then this is what you need to play Marathon at it's best! Because these textures are such a high-quality (millions of colors) they will also slow Aleph One down in performance, if you got a low-end Mac you may want to give Aleph One more memory. Also, this package requires at least 32mb of VRAM to run properly.
Sound Enhancement Download / Texture Enhancement Download
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