Afterfall: Insanity Intoxicate Studios, Nicolas Games / Just A Game 2011

This is a third person perspective shooter built on Unreal-3 engine where players will face horrible mutants, bloodthirsty mercenaries as well as a range of other threats, in the fight for human existence. The game takes place in the Afterfall universe, an alternate version of history since the Second World War. 'InSanity' refers to the shocking events that occur in the year 2032. The game tells the hair-raising tale of Albert Tokaj, a psychiatrist trying to uncover who is responsible for the horrible Confinement Syndrome. The story is told in anunrivaled intensity. The intricate plot, propelled by unpredictable events, story twists and narrative nuances are coupled with breathtaking graphics. Thanks to the latest Unreal engine, Afterfall: Insanity is full of stunning effects and skillfully crafted levels, which further creates a dark and coherent atmosphere. It is 2032 – 20 years after the end of World War III. To survive the nuclear holocaust, humankind fled from the contaminated surface to find safety in vast bunkers, cities created deep underground. Decaying shelters and hideaways set the stage in mankind’s struggle for survival where they battle horrible mutants, bloodthirsty mercenaries and other threats. You won’t only face the aftermath of the nuclear fallout, but also the dark shadows of the past in the role of the mysterious psychologist Albert. As Albert, the player will be part of a team of medical scientists in charge of monitoring the fugitives' mental stability. If Albert does not confront his greatest weaknesses and deepest fears, he will not survive the claustrophobic depths of the underground from which there is no escape and where the darkness hides more secrets than simply the growing madness of its inhabitants. Defy everything that‘s in your way to solve the horrible secrets that exists in the dark. It features: detailed and extensive environments set in post-apocalyptic versions of real-world locations, expansive levels with giant cities, tunnels, bunkers and deep mines, an exciting and rich story with unexpected twists and turns in the dark world of Afterfall, extensive weapons arsenal with myriad types of opponents for thrilling cinematic close and long-range combat, and a dramatic soundtrack further enhancing the dark atmosphere sure to evoke goose bumps and enhancing the tension. In Sep/2012, an Extended Edition was released that features an improved dynamic fight system, enhanced cutscenes (camera, sound, animations), various new automatic save points (checkpoints), a new tutorial system, and more.
Level Demo 1.88GB (uploaded by File Planet)
Review by wkduffy
Extended Edition DVD ISO Demo 4.86GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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