Brawl Busters / PlanB SkeinGlobe, Rockhippo Productions / Weezor 2010

This is an action MMO that features fast-paced FPS gameplay mechanics and intense close quarters combat. It has colorful graphics like Team Fortress 2 or Battlefield Heroes. Players can choose from any of the 5 characters available, including Boxer, Rugby Player, Fireman and Rock Star and start playing right away without registration. The game features a variety of character customization options that are accessible via in-game gold earned during matches. It's based on established gameplay mechanics that are easy to learn and short but intense matches that should appeal to any shooter fans looking for some time to kill. It used to be called PlanB and had a Korean open beta in 2010 but then was renamed Brawl Busters for North America. The game was shut down on Sep/2013.
Download: None currently available

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