Marathon 1 Aleph One (M1A1) for SDL 1994
The official SDL version 1.2 of the M1A1 scenario (38Mb) for all SDL flavors of Aleph One - a port of the original Marathon to Aleph One. This contains all 27 original solo levels, all 10 original net levels, and 2 bonus solo levels. It fixes the Looker crash that plagued earlier versions of A1 SDL. Music is already included. The newly reworked alternative mp3 tracks from Chibi-Usa are compatible with this scenario. The version for SDL v1.2 maintains compatibility with the Mac version. The v1.5 is a Special Edition for Windows only (17Mb). It has 3 bonus solo levels, and one bonus net level. It has fifteen 8-bit and 16-bit Chapter screens (including the original seven), an additional Moonscape texture, and a few extra monster types. If you want the Special Edition M1A1 music, you must download the M1A1 MP3 tracks (48.9 MB Zip format). This version does not maintain compatibility with the Mac version like the official SDL release does.
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