F-22 Total Air War Digital Image Design Ltd. / Infogrames Europe SA / Ocean Software Ltd. 1998

An F-22 flight simulator that offers you the chance to manage and control your own dynamic campaigns in addition to flying. Each campaign is randomly created around scenarios located around the Red Sea, with numerous factions trown into randomly selected alliances or opposing sides. As the war proceeds, the game generates flight missions for both sides and you can select at any time when to fly a combat sortie by accepting to fly a mission or enter into the editor mode and modify any aspect of the mission. The game registers the success or failure of your missions and reflects the results in the overall campaign. You can also take the more strategic route with the addition of an option to fly E-3 AWACS sorties rather than F-22 ones. (you don't actually take to the sky in the planes, but rather you direct their movements on a tactical map and are able to issue commands to allied forces and control the drama in a tactical way).
ISO Demo & Useful Extras Custom ISO Demo 142MB/10MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
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Total Conversion
Unofficial v2.30 All-In-One 288MB (uploaded by Supernova)

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