Ultra Fighters Eagle Interactive / Interactive Magic Ltd. 1999

On the third millennium, after many decades of scientific and social enlightenment, nations had to deal with increasing overpopulation, terrorism. pollution and a collapsing economic system. This led to increased border tensions, and soon small regional wars turned into a Global War, where all kinds of weapons were used, killing millions and destroying vast amounts of knowledge. As the use of nuclear weapons rendered many oil fields useless due to radiation, mankind had to turn away from fossil fuels, and eventually outlawed their use and turn to clean energy sources. During the war, China had broken up into several independent states, but thanks to their reliance in both old and new technologies, they bounced back, and under the hand of Emperor Zindo reunited, and went to control most of Asia. The United States, while had their population devastated, managed to hold their infrastructures and technology mostly intact, and had Mexico and Canada joining as new states, as well as a change in the constitution that changed the government into a private company, with certain special citizens being considered "shareholders". Due to the limitations of non-fossil energy sources, the control of a recently discovered material (Thermodux) that could amplify the power output of those energy sources is highly coveted. So, after an accident that killed the researchers and completing an hostile take-over of India Incorporated, Zendo announced a "security attachment" to "protect" the Solomon Islands (where Thermodux was being studied) from further terrorist threat. However, The US contracted a mercenary company, Navco, to clear the island, with the player joining as new recruit for the company, working for cash and shares in the US government. The game is a typical flight combat simulator, with missions involving patrol, defense and attacking enemy facilities. The ultimate goal of the game is to survive each mission, taking down as many enemy aircraft as possible to collect a bounty, that can be used to purchase better weaponry and new crafts. The player should also avoid the destruction of USA-controlled facilities, as they carry a fine.
ISO Demo 441MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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