Independence War: The Starship Simulator / I-War: Enter Infinity Particle Systems Ltd. / Infogrames, Inc. / Ocean Software Ltd. 1998

The Indies, colonists from Earth, and the Commonwealth are engaged in a never-ending war in Space. As an officer of the Commonwealth it's your job to strip these rebels of their defiant natures and force them to re-join with Earth. I-War is a space-sim with a twist. Instead of flying the usual fighters, you take charge of a 150-metre long Dreadnaught-class corvette. And all the goodies of a capital ship are included: big guns, big shields, lots of missiles. All the daily essentials for an officer of the Navy. The manual explains all functions of the ship. Whether weapons, engines, tactics, tips & tricks. The mission time varies from 5 minutes up to 35 minutes without save point. 35 Minutes if you play the complete Mission Corectly about 100 % within reach. If you have successfully completed the mission, the game will save. There are primary and secondary missions and, later in the game, you can change the sides from the Navy to the Indies. Later, the Dreadnaught become updated with more firepower, new missiles and a friend. The game has 3 endings. Don't forget to install the patch. Without it you can't not complete the game.
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3CD ISO Demo 1.56GB (uploaded by Egon68)
included in Independence War Deluxe - GOG ISO Demo 1.85GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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