Sinistar Unleashed GameFX Technology / THQ Inc. 1999

This is a remake of the classic '80s arcade game Sinistar. The player gets sucked through a wormhole into the alternate universe of the Sinistar, where his spaceship is transformed into a strange organic living spaceship. In the center of each level is a huge jumpgate that evil worker drones are busy powering up by attaching sinisite crystals to it. Once the gate is fully powered an enormous, very aggressive boss monster comes out of it: the Sinistar. The player's job: destroy the gate before the Sinistar can get through it. If that can't be done, at least delay the arrival of the Sinistar as long as possible, and when it does arrive: destroy the Sinistar. But it won't be easy. Enemy fighters patrol the area. The Sinistar and the gate can only be harmed by using a special weapon, the sini-bomb. This game has 24 levels. Almost all of them follow the structure described above, though there are a few that are different. Each level has unique creatures, and every Sinistar is different. To power-up the player must mine asteroids for sinisite crystals. These will power the player's weapons.
Level Demo 47MB (uploaded by
ISO Demo plus covers & patches 524MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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