Battlecruiser Millenium 3000AD, Inc. 2001

Battlecruiser Millennium is a genre mix between space simulation, economic simulation and first person shooter. The basic idea of the game is to give the player the freedom to explore the big game world on his own without guiding him in any way - and this includes learning the game mechanics as tutorials are neither in-game nor in the manual but as HTML-files on the disc. The traveling with the spaceship is a complex simulation with around 120 key commands. Because there is no time compression available the player should prepare himself to watch the autopilot for 30-60 minutes while going from one place to another. Sometimes the player gets attacked by pirates which he has to fight. When reaching a friendly space station the player disembarks and talks to NPCs (through menus). Earning money can be accomplished by trading goods between stations. Another possible way to spend the time is to land on planets. There the player wanders around and shoots people in first person perspective. There are also multiple vehicles, including flying ones, he can use. Besides the roaming mode there are also single scenarios and a campaign. The player can choose between 12 races, 13 fields of expertise (e.g. diplomacy or shooter) and six careers which roughly represent the aspects of the game, e.g. ship commander or foot soldier.

See also: #Gold Edition

included in Universal Combat Collector's Edition v2.0 Full Demo 770MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Full Freeware 229mb ( @ Fileplanet)
Full Freeware 229mb ( @ Gamefront)

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