Qoole for Quake II, Quake & Hexen II Lithium Software 1998

Qoole stands for Quake Object Oriented Level Editor. Do you want to create your own Quake II levels? You've found the right tool! It's easy to design levels with Qoole because it has an elegant and intuitive user interface. This CDROM contains: 46 minutes of video tutorials & extensive HTML tutorials, 739 premade map-building objects for Quake I & II, 1007 textures, comprehensive documentation on Quake map editing from the Internet, 46 map editing programs and utilities, 12937 Usenet Quake editing articles, and 5628 messages from Qoole mailing list. Qoole v2.5 supports these Quake I & II add-ons: For Quake II: Capture the Flag II, Battle of the Sexes, Jailbreak, King of the Hill, and Rocket Arena II. For Quake I: Team Fortress, Hipnotic's Scourge of Armagon, Rogue's Dissolution of Eternity, Capture the Flag, Quake Rally, QTeam, and Custents. Qoole also supports these features: Object Oriented editing; Support for editing Entity properties Context Sensitive Help; Fast 2D and 3D wire frame, solids, and texture previews; Object manipulation including: move, rotate, scale, cut, copy, paste, duplicate, CSG Subtract (cookie-cut) and Hollow functions, apply texture; Brush vertex, edge, and face manipulation tools; Texture tools: select, align, scale, rotate, file support, selector with bookmarks. The source code was eventually released under the GPL v2. Qoole uses a brush-based method to construct new maps, in which monsters, items and lights can be placed, or any of the onboard prefabs. It can import individual textures from WAD files, and can convert maps from one game to another. It has 2D and 3D views in which the map can be edited, and it supports Glide API and OpenGL for rendering the views.
ISO Demo v2.50 123MB (uploaded by AnimalBear)

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