Quake 2: Oblivion Lethargy Software / PC Gamer 1999

This mission pack for Quake 2, an unofficial and indeed free add-on pack, was exclusively released on the cover CD of the Christmas 1999 issue (# 77) of PC Gamer magazine in the UK. The team who made it, released the pack for general download in 2002 but it was 90% done and required some tweaking and bug-fixes but that was only done in 2009. The mission pack takes place in a Strogg base set on Earth, possibly before the counter-attack of Q2 itself. The Strogg are continuing with their humanity devouring assault, using "Harvester" ships to transport captives to a battlestation called "Behemoth". Your task is to infiltrate their beach-head base, stowaway aboard a ship, and presumably destroy Behemoth itself. The means to complete this mission is fairly standard: call in air strikes, pollute water supplies, collect power cubes, as well as the usual switch pressing and killing lots of things malarkey. It was actually an enormous project consisting of 26 new large levels. 7 all new monsters ranging from new footsoldiers to enormous bipedal "Sentinel" robots, gruesome blood hungry cyborg spiders and flesh tearing Kigrax's. All new textures sets, each themed for specific areas of the mission : barracks, water processing plants, alien meat harvesting vessels, weapons research complexs and numerous others. The pack also came with an original 12 song sound track which was of an extremely high quality.
45MB + 4MB (@ Playground & patches thanks to Delacroix)
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