APB: All Points Bulletin / APB Reloaded Realtime Worlds / Electronic Arts, GamersFirst 2010

From the makers of the console game Crackdown comes this MMOTPS in a living, breathing, city for the first time online, its streets full of vehicles and thousands of civilians going about their daily life. Introduce 100 players to this online city. Their mission is to gain fame and fortune, and gain them fast. Many will take to a life of crime, feeding on the city, its people and its businesses. Other players, the Enforcers, will feed on the Criminal players. It's an online sandbox. Many players will achieve celebrity or notoriety for their skills or style. Alliances will be formed, rivalries will be bitter. One thing we do know: every player will be unique. Thanks to cutting-edge technology using the Unreal Engine 3, players can personalize their looks, clothing, vehicles and music. Earn money, clothing, guns, and cars as you play. Experience fast-paced third-person action. Master different gameplay for each Faction. Participate in intelligent matchmaking: you play against real people and the better you get, the better your opponents will be. Work for Contacts, doing directed Missions, or complete open world sandbox activities. Gain real-life celebrity through in-game displays of your characters, vehicles, music and symbols. Become a top-ranking player or Clan in leagues that track Kills, Arrests, Mission Success rates, and many other competitive stats. The game includes 50 hours of action game play out of the box plus unlimited time in APB's social districts customising, socialising and trading on the marketplace. Once your game time is up, you have flexibility to top up your action game time from as little as $6.99 (£5.59, €6.29) for an additional 20 hours, while more frequent players can switch to a 30-day unlimited package for only $9.99 (£7.99, €8.99) with discounts available for 90 and 180 days. The retail package also contains a bonus 100 RTW points towards your next purchases. An additional benefit to this evolutionary model is the ability for you to convert your own customisations and rewards to tradable products to give to friends or clan-mates or to place on the Marketplace to earn more RTW points (convertible to game time) or in-game cash. After opening on June 29, it was shortly shut down in September 23 due to financial problems of the developer. It was then bought out by GamersFirst which will convert it to a free-to-play model as APB Reloaded on May 18, 2011.
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APB Reloaded Free Client (uploaded by Official Site)
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