Field & Stream: Trophy Buck EAI Interactive / Sierra On-Line, Inc. 1998

This is a 3-D hunting game that has the player take the role of a hunter, hunting in eight prime locations such as the Rocky Mountains, Pacific Northwest and Texas just to name a few in the quest to bag the biggest buck imaginable. The player can use authentic equipment such as buck calls, doe scents, rattling antlers as well as binoculars and gun stands to steady their shot. There are also many grades of rifles to choose from, including the smallest like a .22 caliber to the more powerful 30.06. There are two main deer species to hunt, Whitetail and Mule, points are rewarded using the real life standards of the Boone & Crockett scale, with the ability to save their largest bucks in a "Trophy Room" in the game's main menu. Deer react true to their real-life counterparts, as players will have to stay down wind to their quarry, sneaking up to get the best shot or staying in place and call in their prey. Players can also track wounded deer, following blood trails as well as looking for deer tracks and scrapings on trees. There is a bag limit to each location, each varying depending on the location, the player must take a buck each time. Also, if a player wounds a deer, they must find that deer before they can take another trophy or be penalized, as well as shooting does will result in a penalty as well. There are three main modes to the game, a "Tournament" consisting of all locations, bagging the biggest deer and at the end of the tournament be judged on the combined total of their trophies. There is also an "Exhibition" mode where players can choose their locations as well as the starting location and weather patterns and the ability to turn on a "Deer Radar" for novice players. There is also multiplayer hunting online using LAN.
Level Demo 33MB (uploaded by
ISO Demo 331MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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