Armed And Dangerous Planet Moon Studios / LucasArts 2003

From the makers of Giants:Citizen Kabuto comes another good-looking solid shooter with humor thrown in. You play the leader of a four-member group of thieves that also includes a Scottish moleman named Jonesy, a British robot named Q, and a stinky, little blind mystic named Rexus. They are on a quest to steal the all-powerful Book of Rule from an evil king. There are varied missions where you have a jetpack, and some stationary turrets, and you can order your teammates in some missions. There are various weapons including a very handy machine gun, and a crazy land shark launcher, which causes a shark to "swim" under the ground's surface before attacking enemy soldiers from below. There are some weird secondary weapons too like a portable black hole, a traitor bomb (which makes enemies attack each other) and a weapon that lets you turn the entire world upside down for a few seconds, causing enemies to fall into the sky while you hang on to a corkscrew that's been drilled into the earth. There are hundreds of enemies in the more than 20 levels which can get tiresome but mostly the fun story and decent graphics make this a winner.
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GOG Digital ISO Demo v2.0.0.3 2.4GB (uploaded by scaryfun)
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2-Mission Level Demo 164MB (uploaded by File Planet)
Full Demo 139MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
2CD ISO Demo 705+777MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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