Echelon Madia Entertainment, Buka Entertainment / Bethesda Softworks LLC 2001

Blending futuristic flight with realistic combat missions, this is a first-person shooter set in the year 2351. Featuring design work from individuals affiliated with both Fighter Ace and Fighter Wing, the game centers on a pass or fail mission structure that rewards cyber-pilots with advancement in rank with commensurate qualifications allowing access to better, more powerful craft as the missions progress. You are a pilot in the Galactic Federation in defense of a planet being threatened by rebel forces who are using secret alien technology. More than 20 weapons are at your disposal as you strive to hone your trade and become positioned to command squadrons and entire battles. Day and night missions, up to 30 each in two war campaigns, follow branching paths that affect how the campaigns are resolved. Along with the promotions come responsibility -- as players rise in rank, decision-making at a tactical level regarding personnel and equipment supplements the need for good mission planning. A wide range of flying craft is available, ranging from planes and helicopters to futuristic hovercraft. The game world consists of a vast continent that takes eight hours of real-time flying to cross. Both single- and multiplayer action, up to 16 players on the Internet, is provided with variable flight modeling for all aircraft in the game, requiring unique tactical combat planning and execution in missions and campaigns. Options include both deathmatch and cooperative modes with a variety of features such as dust, particle effects, dynamic terrain, more than 25 types of craft, 100 vehicles and an additional 100 objects. The game interface supports multiple input devices including keyboard, mouse, and joystick and 3D acceleration is required.
Level Demo 51MB (uploaded by
ISO Demo 432MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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