Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter 3: Trophies of the West Sunstorm Interactive, Inc. / WizardWorks Software 2000

Endorsed by Wildlife Forever, the hunt centers on big game like black and brown bears, elk, mountain goats, big horn sheep, moose, caribou, pronghorn, Dall's Sheep, and mountain lions. As in earlier titles, options include customization of your hunter's name, choice of model, camouflage outfit, and inventory. Sporting arms (weapons) include eight types of rifles (lever and bolt action), three bows (compound, crossbow, and longbow), two shotguns, two handguns (9mm and .44 Magnum), and a black powder muzzleloader. Accessories include bait, multiple animal calls, scopes, binoculars, a GPS unit, stands, and more. Track big game by horse over mountains, rivers, and valleys as you search the wilds of British Columbia, Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico, and Wyoming. The developers suggest a limit of four or five players in multiplayer action over a LAN or the Internet, with the host server being the fastest machine to accommodate extra requirements. Multiplayer options include no swearing, display of safety warnings, time and kill limits, an event log, flood limits (chat messages), and selectable maps. It has a target range, and customization options for name, hunter model, outfits and inventory.
ISO Demo 171MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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