LeonCOD2 2005
You will need to progress mostly forward without no objective or puzzle to solve, just eliminate enemies to get further till you will get a black screen and end the map with the ending animation of COD2. Design is well put together with a good looking to scale, realism in a mix between outdoor and indoor places. Every new place you will visit lead to some ambushes or attack from enemies from all type (witch look a little unrealistic to mixed different german type of model in a 'so' small town). Use of texturing (outdoor and indoor) perfectly fits to a snowy city during WW2 but lack perhaps a little of atmosphere. Gameplay is correctly balanced beween open area with ambushes and tiny cave or storage room where grenades are highly damagable. This map like all other releases from Leon Stephan Brinkman (who made many Call Of Duty 1 maps) is really well designed in a really short time (5 days).
Review / Download 1.9MB (uploaded by World War SP Map Corner)
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