AirStrike 2 / Air Hawk 2 DivoGames Ltd. 2004

Following the previous AirStrike game, the N.I.T.O. terrorists' main plan was defeated. However their terrorism remains a threat and when a spy satellite is shot down by a suspected N.I.T.O. base, pilot Zero-Two is called back into action. With brand new helicopters and weapons, Zero-Two is ready to begin a new Air Strike and fight his way through the enemy forces. It shares the same gameplay as its predecessor, being a vertically scrolling shooter that can be played at a 3-D angle or the more traditional 2-D top-view mode. The player chooses his mission and from among 6 different helicopters, whose speed and armor vary. Each mission begins by a briefing from HQ. Once in flight, the action begins, where the player can fire forward in front of them at enemy opponents and installations. Different power-ups can be found which change the primary weapon or missile type being used as well as special weapons. There are 18 levels to complete, over 100 enemy units to destroy including 3 bosses, 5 types of hostile terrain and a whole lot of power-ups and bonuses.
Full Demo v2.06 24MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Level Demo v2.06 12MB (uploaded by GameFront)
included in Airstrike 2-in-1 - Full Demo (provided by speedracer & upped by Scaryfun) 75MB

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