Unreal: Special Edition Creative 1998

This is a shareware version of Unreal, bundled with the original SoundBlaster Live! cards. It includes a bonus 3dfx pack with 3 OEM Demo maps made by Epic which includes DMKrazy, DMBayC, and DMCreek. It also contains support for Creative's Environmental Audio Extensions and the first 10 singleplayer levels. The last one, Darkarena, is more difficult in the end than in Unreal and it ends in Harobed.
Unreal Shareware CD 122MB (uploaded by Hyper Unreal Services)
Download 3 exclusive maps only (3dfxmaps.zip) 1.18MB (uploaded by Old Unreal)
Fan-Made Division Bonus Pack v2 (includes GW Press Addons & Unreal: Special Edition 3dfx maps) 4MB (uploaded by Unreal Archive)

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