Field & Stream: Trophy Hunting 5 Dynamix, Inc. / Sierra On-Line, Inc. 2001

Make use of real-life sportsman skills in this final game in the series, the 2001 edition of comprehensive hunting games endorsed by the popular outdoors magazine. Virtual hunters can track a variety of realistically behaving bear, moose, deer and elk across 3D renditions of their natural habitats that include large areas in Maine and Alaska. The inclusion of an ATV in this edition makes it easier to get from place to place and allows gamers to spend less time moving and more time hunting. There's thirteen real-world locations in which to hunt bears, deer, elk and more. It has hundreds of gun and gear combinations, and thirty mission-based hunts include spotting and tracking. With official Field & Stream licenses and sponsors, it features improved visuals, online support, and more items and weapons than past installments.
ISO Demo 291MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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