Gulman 2: The Mystery of Magic Crystals Sviatoslav Gulyaev and Dmitry Malu 2010

This continuation of the third person shooter Gulman - the famous and fearless hero - has him go through nine large levels in different countries of the world (Antarctica, France, USA (Hollywood), Russia (Kamchatka), etc. ..), to unravel the detective story with the loss of ancient art and antiquities, and to stop the evil boss. In the game you will see more than 25 types of villains (individual animations), AI - with 10 types of weapons (great fre effects), and beautiful music written specially for this game. The game represents a fusion of detective adventure story with quest-arcade-shooter atmosphere. It has new animation, more animations, the ability to fight and do acrobatic jumps, flips, etc. New effects: weather (snow, rain, storm, water, etc.). New fire effects, explosions, etc. Discover delightful physics (Ragdoll effect and impressive explosions). More than 100 sounds and phrases (Voiced by professionals). New music and stereo-effects. This game is based on sketches and illustrations of scenic professional artist Svetoslav Gulyaev, and will bring you great pleasure. In 2020, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of its release, the game was made freeware.
Freeware Game v2.0.4 267MB (uploaded by Heartless Repository)
Russian Full Demo 274MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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