Unreal Tournament: Digital Extremes Pack Digital Extremes 2000

This second free bonus pack for Unreal Tournament was made by Didital Extremes and features 2 new CTF maps: CTF-HallOfGiants, CTF-Orbital. The Volatile Ammo mutator replaces all the ammo on a level with an exploding version. When the ammo pickup is shot, it explodes like the ammunition type it contains. This mutator does not work when used with the Arena Mutators because they don't allow the ammo or weapons to be replaced. The Team Beacon places an icon above teammates during team games. The sprite doesn't scale so well when the sniper rifle is used. The icon is a 3d world object so it will, at times, intersect with the world geometry. And lastly the Volatile Weapon mutator causes your weapon to explode after you die leaving no pickup.
Free Addon 1.03MB (uploaded by Unreal4Fun)
included in Game Of The Year Edition - GOG Digital ISO Demo v2.0.0.5 + Manual 302+27MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
included in Game Of The Year Edition - 2CD ISO Demo 934MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
included in Full CD-Rip Game Of The Year Edition ISO Demo 420MB (uploaded by FPS Legends)

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